Thermal Scanner

Facial recognition temperature scanners

Ensure a safe working environment, free from COVID-19

Get prepared for a “new normal” and return to work with a safe working environment.

Have confidence in your recovery from the Corona Virus outbreak. Check employees using the Thermal & Facial recognition system by New Vue. The scanner quickly performs facial recognition and temperate scanning, logging the information in your cloud database. Use the management dashboard to track trends over time and receive alerts if a change is identified.

Temperatures 30 ºC – 45 ºC
Facial Recognition
Face Recognition Rate >99%
Speedy Processing
Reporting Suite
Management Alerts
Runs Online & Offline
Free Standing

Thermal Imaging
Face Recognition Terminal

Utilizing advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, imported sensors are used to support face recognition and automated body temperature measurement.

The access device can optionally upload captured pictures and meta event data to your access management platform via an API. After face recognition and/or temperature threshold has passed checks, the access control function can then be granted or denied.

Thermal temperature and facial recognition scanner unit by New Vue

Quick and easy to install and operate

We can have your temperature scanners installed and operational in no time at all. It works with the simple process below.

  • HR data uploaded to the system

    This is stored in a cloud database and can include photos ready for facial recognition.

  • Employee approaches the terminal

    Photo captured upon first scan and stored for facial recognition (if not pre-populated in the database).

  • Temperature scanned and logged in the database

    The temperature is scanned by the monitor and immediately logged in the database.

  • If temperature is ok, green light is shown

    A message is presented to the employee to proceed.

  • High temperate alerts are sent immediately

    The employee will be displayed a message asking them to step to one side.

  • Management dashboard

    Trends can be monitored in the management dashboard to highlight any potential sick employees.

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