Tech Solutions

New Vue combine a range of technology solutions in order to provide you with the ideal platform for your visitor attraction, sport or entertainment business. We have selected our partners carefully in order to give you with a best in class solution.
We believe that software as a service is the best way. And that’s why we supply cloud solutions.
If you have sufficient resources, we can supply you with the technology to manage in house, or let us help you get the best results with our managed CRM and marketing services.>

Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence gives you the power to make important business decisions based on your data. You can no longer be forgiven for making decisions purely on instinct when there are powerful tools out there to help you draw insight from your business. Too often we’ve seen sports and entertainment business adopt a ‘finger in the air’ type approach to decision making. Not any more!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

New Vue are an official Microsoft Partner and re-seller of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. This cloud solution is our CRM system of choice and enables us to make crucial customizations in order to benefit visitor attractions, sports and entertainment businesses.

New Vue Solutions CRM software
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New Vue Data Model & Customizations

Designed with visitor attractions, sports and entertainment businesses in mind, New Vue has developed specific CRM and Power BI modules, including an advanced data model.


Avius Customer Feedback Solutions

Avius are at the forefront of customer feedback solutions. They provide portable and free-standing kiosks that collect crucial data about the guest experience. Working with Avius, New Vue is able to give you customer feedback data right where it matters, within CRM. Now, with the data inside CRM, it’s not only insightful information but actionable too.


For more information about New Vue and how we can help shape the future of your business strategy please get in touch.