The terms sport and CRM have not always gone hand in hand. With the industry traditionally being a bit behind the curve in terms of uptake of CRM practices. In recent years, however, there has been an explosion of teams adopting a Sports CRM culture. Many have realised the benefits of becoming more fan-centric in their practices and acknowledging the value of fan engagement through fan relationship management (FRM).

The big challenge comes with the many data sources that clubs have to manage. From ticketing data to merchandise, social, food outlets and many more, there's so many touch points that link the fan with the team.

New Vue provides managed CRM services to help you with your commercial strategy. This includes email marketing, digital marketing delivery, customer insight, data management and reporting services. We provide these as a managed services, as well as supplying sports marketing software solutions to help you go further with your customer relationship management capabilities. Read more about the New Vue Solutions and digital marketing services for sports clubs and find out how we can help you with your sports CRM objectives today.

What is Sports CRM?


A common misconception is that Sports CRM refers to a system that sports clubs and leagues use to manage fan data. Whilst a Sports CRM system is a helpful part of successful CRM strategy, CRM for sports is about much more than software! 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), also referred to in sports as Fan Relationship Management (FRM), is a business wide philosophy adopted to engage with fans and manage the relationship the club has with them. Most importantly, it's about putting procedures in place for good communication and engagement with fans.

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New Vue Sports CRM Solutions

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New Vue Sports CRM Services

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