Fan engagement refers to the long term growth and relationship management strategies by sports clubs and organisations. Many clubs also refer to their fan engagement efforts in terms of "sports CRM" (sports customer relationship management), or "FRM" (fan relationship management).

This encompasses the use of a variety of business tactics and software in order to engage with sports fans inside the stadium and away from the stadium. Often through the use of digital, such as social media, digital marketing and other such customer touchpoints.

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Fan Engagement. Why is it so important?

Engaging with your fans is, of course, important for short term marketing efforts. However, it's the long game where it really counts. 

We all know that when the team is doing well, the fans will turn out. But whether our latest streak is a winning, or losing one, we should make every effort to ensure that fan engagement is positive. Yes, it is possible for fans to have a great experience no matter the result on the field! 

In all areas of delivery, from match day staff to marketing emails. Ask yourself, is this going to engage with fans in a positive way?

It's surprising how attention to detail in the fan experience, from the simplest things like a friendly welcome at the gates can go a long way in generating positive fan relationships.

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