Managed Services

So you want to get from A to B. But what is A? And where the hell is B, anyway?
New Vue provide a number of services in order to help drive your business forward. We will become an extension to your team, helping to make sense of your data, build a winning strategy and support you to ensure successful delivery. Technology will always be a part of our services and we believe in the ‘software as a service’ approach. If you’re specifically interested in the technology, visited the New Vue technology solutions page.
New Vue services are designed to help you analyze your business, build an improved CRM and marketing strategy and be the extra pair of hands that are required to get the job done.
We Analyze. We Strategize. We Deliver.

Data Analysis & Visitor Insight

Before building a strategy, we will use your data in order to provide detailed analysis and insight into business performance. We’ll then use this information to formulate a plan of action for CRM and marketing activities.
This part of the New Vue service is all about helping you to truly understand what A is, so that we can figure out the best possible way of getting to B!

Strategy Planning & Development

Now that we’ve gathered crucial insights from your data, we work with you to shape your future strategies.

Managed Marketing Services

We become an extension to your marketing team, in order to help you achieve your full potential.
Choose which of our ongoing managed services you need, from graphic design to full end-to-end campaign management, depending on your in house resources and capabilities.

CRM & Data Management

CRM is at the center of your business, and data is the lifeblood. Needless to say it’s a crucial element of business success. Get your CRM and data strategy right and everything else will fall into place. Get it wrong and you could waste a lot of time and money in other areas. Our managed CRM and data management services will ensure you have everything set up for success.


There’s no hidden magic with our managed services. We will provide you continuous progress reports and system transparency so you can log-in and check on things for yourself when required.
We’re analytical and will always advise on improvements as we continue on our journey with you.

Switch on. Switch off.

We realize that venue businesses have peaks and troughs and therefore getting your resources right isn’t straightforward. We’ll be there as an extension to your team, so that you can deliver when it counts the most.

For more information about New Vue and how we can help shape the future of your business strategy please get in touch.