New Vue Supports Successful Attraction Opening

New Vue Solutions Operational, Technical & Marketing assistance contributes to successful debut season



  • Dashboard Analytics & Targeted Marketing help Land of Illusion, located between Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, opens AQUA ADVENTURES WaterPark
  • Modeled on “Waterpark Family Entertainment Center” format with great success.
  • Achieves revenue 30% above the total projected revenue target
  • Identified and implemented pricing and upsell opportunities worth over $100K
  • LOI uses repeatable seasonal marketing strategy “Come rain or shine”.
  • Guest Database increases by 300%
About Land of Illusion

Land of Illusion is an award-winning Haunt attraction located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. LOI had a dilemma regarding the best use of 200+ acres of land, and specifically, how to expand to become a year-round attraction? Initially, the park was only open select nights during the Fall and Winter seasons for Halloween and Christmas attractions. With New Vue’s help both Technically and Operationally, Land of Illusion was able to successfully open and operate their water park for a full Summer Season. AQUA ADVENTURES debuted its first season. The waterpark opened 8th June 2018 and stayed open through the Halloween Season. Labor Day weekend marked a significant milestone rounding off a strong debut season, surpassing all expectations, with a Firework Display and Live Concert.

Utilizing the new concept “Water Park Family Entertainment Center” the attraction features WIBIT, provided by Commercial Recreation Specialists.

LOI utilized their park during eight months of the year instead of the original four months, effectively doubling the season open times. This added 88 days additional days to the operational year.

Right Data Right Time

New Vue Solutions was able to help open the attraction by providing an experienced Operations leader equipped with all the operational and financial metrics and measurements you would find at World-class attractions.

By using the right data at the right time visualized by New Vue’s OverVue solution, therefore, Aqua Adventures was able to respond quickly to changing circumstances to improve the guest experience. Better reactions to variable Weather patterns also maintained optimum staffing levels. The knock-on effect was apparent to see and had a positive impact on the bottom line.

New Vue’s Marketing services supported Land of Illusion’s Marketing Manager Brad Wymore by creating a repeatable email marketing strategy. These emails were crucial in the relaying of messages between the park and its audience regarding promotions, specials, events, and the weather, therefore the database grew 300% in this time. This supported a higher number of repeat visits. Visitors also returned at lower weather temperatures as the season progressed. The marketing strategy highlighted ideal weather conditions to maximize windows of opportunity. Key events, holidays and upsell opportunities all supported a core and concise email Marketing strategy. Using the right design and message was key to the success and supported a steady open rate through the season.

Dashboards & Analysis

The OverVue dashboards & analysis lead to a simple way to track the amount of park revenue in correlation to the weather. Data also overlayed where the park’s visitors came from with Zipcode analysis and more.

While the reporting is visually simple, it helped create a clear-cut view of where the growth for the park was and where improvements could be made. These improvements will fuel next year’s Waterpark growth, which is forecasted at 25%.



Land of Illusion’s expansion plan is already underway for 2019 as the Haunt season see core groups enter the park during September. Additional phases are underway including in-park marketing through intelligent digital boards.

Additional Information:

For more information on the Waterpark FEC model, Operational Business Development, Dashboards, Reporting & Analysis, Marketing Strategy for Seasonal Business please contact:

Aqua Adventures, Brad Wymore- Marketing Manager

New Vue, Paul Gibbons- CEO

Land of Illusion, Eric Klaff- Operations

WIBIT & Commercial Recreational Specialists- Ron Romans President