What’s your FunRating?

What’s your FunRating?

New Vue have crunched the data to produce the annual FunRating Report in partnership with Amusement Advantage. Data has been collected from over 5000 surveys across more than 500 attractions. Attraction are spread across the US and Canada in huge data collection effort. 

The report differentiates itself as it presents first hand opinion from the guests. A huge effort of time and expense is finally combined and presented to allow each attraction to benchmark themselves against industry standards.

Josh Liebman adds “We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 Attractions Industry FUNRATING report will be available in May 2018. This report provides insightful benchmark data shows how each type of attraction compares with the industry as a whole, and which areas of the guest experience were seen to be the highest, and which require the most improvement.” 

The report will be distributed to all facilities involved and available for general distribution in May 2018.

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