Sawgrass Recreation Park select New Vue for CRM and BI reporting

Sawgrass Recreation Park has selected New Vue as their latest marketing partner. As part of their strategy for an improved visitor experience, as well as business operations. New Vue will assist Sawgrass by providing marketing services and business intelligence reporting.

Using Microsoft’s Power BI, New Vue is able to analyze the park’s business data in order to help Sawgrass improve overall efficiency. New Vue will also provide CRM and marketing services in order to improve the customer experience through targeted communications before and after a customer visits the park.

The South Florida attraction has provided guided Airboat Tours into the Everglades for over 30 years. Visitors travel from all over the world to Florida. Experiencing the Everglades is an absolute must for any visitor heading to the region.

 “Who our visitors are, where they come from, how our affiliate partners are performing, are all key metrics we want to understand more. ” says Melissa Soverns COO.

“Beyond this, we want to provide our visitors with the service and information they need every step of the way. From initially purchasing a ticket to our Trip Advisor ratings once they leave us. Customer experience is everything.”​

Sawgrass Recreation Park Everglades Tours

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